Research objective

The project focuses on the development of a fundamental understanding of the ammonothermal synthesis. This includes a detailed insight in the processes as well as selective modifications to generate scientific knowledge. Our investigations tend to the implementation of specific crystal growth processes of high quality nitrides. Therefore we focus on the realization and enhancement of novel in situ monitoring technologies, which enable the determination of thermodynamic and crystallographic data. This provides the possiblity to observe the dynamcis in the reactors via optical and x-ray spectroscopy under ammonothermal conditions (up to 300 MPa and 600 °C). For this purpose new equipment technology will be developed, which enables  special sampling as well as a material balance based on chemical methods. This will lead to a new chemical understanding under ammonothermal conditions and finally to the development of novel materials.



The final aim is to contribute to the understanding regarding the ammonothermal synthesis and the development of optimal process technology and equipment. In this way we want to create the fundamentals for a selective crystal growth under ammonothermal conditions. Futhermore we want to apply this knowlege to develop new materials.